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Gauteng Paving Cobbles

Paving is the perfect choice for high-traffic areas. They are both durable and strong, unlike “softer” pavers that easily crack. There is no doubt that brick paving is a lifetime investment because of its impermeable qualities.

We only use the best paving manufacturers available on the market. This ensures that our customers can rely on us to source any shape, size and colour paver to add value to their Boksburg properties, be it commercial, industrial or residential.
200 by 200 square Cobble Paving

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Paving in Gauteng

Obviously, we supply special-shaped "contractors" bricks that are always in high demand. Ordering these quality pavers guarantee clients shorter lead times for their projects.

However, for that special project, why not consider made-to-order brick pavers that are specially shaped to meet the requirements of our Gauteng clients.
Driveway Paving for a farmhouse needs to be tough and thick

Paving Prices

Whether you need paving bricks, slabs or stones to enhance a residential, commercial or industrial Boksburg property, we have a proven track record and guarantee our workmanship.

Here are reasons why you should look no further for your paving needs:
• We only use (SABS) South African Bureau of Standards-approved bricks
• Our company is proud to be registered with the Master Builders Association (MBA)
• We have a proven track record
• We guarantee our workmanship

Over the years, our paving company has helped to increase the value of numerous Boksburg properties with our aesthetically pleasing products. As members of the MBA, our customers are assured that our workmanship is of the highest quality.

Paving Costs

Paving costs vary depending on the product selected. However, as a rule-of-thumb installation costs start from about R270 per square meter.
Driveway Paving for high traffic areas must be strong
Driveway Paving is trending in Boksburg with a split for long driveways

Paving Installation

When it comes to paving installation in Boksburg you really need to hire the services of professionals. If you cut corners with cheap labour, you will definitely pay the penalty down the line.

Unprofessionally installed paving will result in:
• The appearance of weeds between the paving slabs
• Uneven surface areas
• Buckling of pavers, posing a danger to pedestrians
• Cracking of pavers

This all adds up to a costly and unnecessary repair job. Get the job correctly from the start and save money in the long-term.

Professional Advice

When looking for a professional paving installation company, look no further than us. We have years of experience, a proven track record and many happy customers. Furthermore, we are always busy researching new options to improve our services and insure the best longevity for the paving product of your choice.
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Paving benefits and options

We offer our customers various paving options that are suitable for all premises – residential, commercial or industrial properties. We offer pavers in various shapes and sizes, colours, textures and materials such as concrete, cement, granite, clay, slate and cobblestone. The materials we supply can be installed for driveways, parking areas, patios and swimming pool surrounds.
Pool Paving done by reputable paving contractors

Best Paving for your project

We advise our clients on the best choices of materials. This advice is based on geographic considerations such as the location of the site, the weather patterns for the area and the amount of traffic – pedestrian and vehicles – that the proposed site will experience. Once we come to a mutual agreement with our Boksburg clients, we will begin the paving installation process using the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We will ensure that the paving colours and patterns will blend in with the aesthetics of the building.

Walkway Paving

A well-designed paved walkway works wonders to increase the exterior appeal of any property. In fact, paved walkways have been used for many years to add a final touch of class to residences and commercial and industrial spaces in Boksburg and surrounds.

We offer our customers a variety of different walkway paving options in an array of colours and designs. This enables us to create a paved walkway that will enhance the property’s kerb appeal and overall value.
paving ideas that includes different size pavers
paving ideas for front of house with classic looks

Professional Paving Installer

From private residences to office blocks, factories and warehouses, we have the walkway paving solution to transform your Boksburg property. No job is too small or too big for our team of professional paving installers. Years of experience, combined with membership to the Master Builders Association, ensures top quality workmanship at a competitive price.

Paving peace of mind

The beauty about walkway paving is that it is not only pleasant on the eye but also durable, guaranteeing years of worry-free service. Low in maintenance, our walkway paving is available in a wide range of colours, designs, shapes and sizes. Remember, too, that walkway paving can be more cost-effective than concrete or tar. Paving products handle changes in temperature far better than either concrete or tar which tend to crack and disintegrate over time.
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Paving for a road is really a smart move in maintenance and longevity

How to Remove Oil from Paving

No matter how hard you try, paved driveways and outdoor patios are susceptible to oil stains. Most paving oil stains in Boksburg are caused by vehicles but also occur in and around braai patios. Follow these useful hints to remove unsightly oil stains.

• Take careful note of the instructions on cleaning materials. Follow the instructions to the finest detail including mixing, application, protective gear and relevant first aid, if required.
• Make sure that you thoroughly rinse the affected paving areas after applying the stain remover.
• For older and stubborn stains, use a granular oil stain remover which helps to absorb the oil spills.
• Apply this to the stained paving, leave untouched for six hours and then sweep clean.
• Newly-deposited oil or grease should be dabbed with paper towels or a clean rag.
• Laundry detergents or dishwashing are effective for use on newly-stained pavers.
• Apply the soap directly onto the stain, leave for half-an-hour, then scrub with the nylon-bristled brush with hot water.
• Repeat this process if necessary.
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