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Paving ideas for your home

The exterior of our home - entrances, driveways and gardens all have some elements that need attention. Paving is certainly one of them. Yes, Pavers have a place at your home. With a little panache, information, and design your paving is used for good effect.

Did you know paving ideas is much more than putting a puzzle together? There are many patterns and materials to consider for convenience. Your home can look very different from anyone close by.

Speaking of Patterns let us have a look at some popular ones for buildings, gardens, and driveways. Each Pattern must have its own characteristics and so research and gained information must be done. With a professional paving company like us - get your perfect paving products.

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Old English landscapes often feature paving bricks that are organised in alternate directions. This is classic and ensures visual impact. In Johannesburg, this product is often used for driveway paving, roads or industrial paving.
The chequered Paving style looks like a chessboard with different sizes. Often two different sizes, colours, and surfaces are incorporated in the design


A traditional and popular product! The chequered style looks like a chessboard with different sizes. Often two different sizes, colours, and surfaces are incorporated in the design. Contact us to learn more information.

Flagstone pavers

If you want freedom in your design then irregular shape stones are the way to go. There is no pattern to follow. Great for heavy-duty and industry too. Our quality stone is also often used by Hotels and business. We have found that next to perfectly trimmed grass, the difference in the surfaces looks really beautiful.
Driveway Paving is trending in Midrand with a split for long driveways
Paving with Circular and European fan designs are trending in Johannesburg

European Fan

Rather difficult and popular in Europe. The fan-like design allows for flexibility in surfaces and size. Often used for heavy-duty areas like Parking areas and entrance paving.

Basketweave paver

Often used for walkway paving. This is great for historic and vintage looks. Really simple, just alternate the vertical and horizontal lines.
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paving ideas for front of house with classic looks

Cobblestone pavers

Originally Cobblestone products were small stones rounded by the natural flow of water. Back then they were used when making roads. Today they are often put to use with a regular shape at the entrance of a home.
paving ideas that includes different size pavers

Running bond

Efficient with little waste and easy to install. Great in the city, good quality, and used for small walkways and patio paving.

Circular designs

Always use a quality paver and start from the center in a circular pattern. Often mixed with a few other patterns for great ambiance in the garden.
Circular Paving Ideas in Rosebank are trending right now
Paving for your driveway with a grip texture

What does paving mean?

The pavement is a superficial floor cover or outdoor floor, is an outdoor floor. Paving materials include asphalt, concrete, paving stones, cobblestone, artificial stone, bricks, and paving tiles.

What does paving cost per square meter?

We specialise in paving products with installation costs of R270/m2 on average. Depending on the job at hand, paving prices can go for as low as R230/m2 for simple paving work. Paving costs can go up to R400+/m2 if your paving job includes intricate designs and borders. Basketweave is a very popular option for driveway paving. We have a huge range of styles available. Our products follow the South African National Standards. We are industry leaders when it comes to Paving in Johannesburg.
The paving texture for walkway paving must be non slip

Are Paving Products more expensive than concrete?

Standard concrete slabs are generally lower in cost per square meter than standard paving bricks. You will pay 10%-15% more if you choose paving products over standard concrete slabs. If you decide to upgrade to stamped concrete, paving products will most likely cost you the same or even less in most cases. We are industry paving leaders in Johannesburg, contact us for all needed information.
Paving ideas with different textures are great for small Patios

Trending Paving Choices

Natural stone and slate remain the most popular choices for patio paving. Cladding continues to grow in popularity too. Natural stone is a favorite for those seeking a timeless style. For low-maintenance choose cladding.

Random paving in natural stone makes a strong visual impact. For a textured, clean and contemporary look pair with natural timbers.
paving blocks work well for an entrace to your home

Walkway paving

To add class and a classical look and feel to any walkway consider our value paving options.

Industrial Paving for any Johannesburg location. Experience our collection and information of civil and industrial paving.

Driveway Paving for a lasting impression

Your driveway creates the first impression for your visitors. Make it attractive for a lasting impression.
Driveway Paving must be installed by a reputable Paving Contractor
paving patterns to suit your home style

Cottage Stone

Combining aesthetic and functionality appeal, Cottage Stone works well with a terraced garden. The unique designs easily create shapes and curves. We have the information for your project.
driveway paving must be strong and steady

A Patio paving range for elegant finishes.

A quality Paver range that includes elegant charm and many appealing colours. Our Paving is favored in applications that include residential paving, Patios, Pools, entrances, and parking areas.

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