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Pool Paving and Patio Paving

Choosing to pave your swimming pool and patio can be a daunting and expensive exercise. Your paving must complement the aesthetics of the areas. With our help you can achieve both objectives – the right paving that will blend in with the pool surrounds and keeping the cost of your Boksburg project within budget.

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There are many reasons why Boksburg homeowners should dismiss appointing a backyard contractor to undertake a pool and patio paving project. While the paving installation fee may be cheaper than that quoted by professionals, guarantees and quality workmanship are important aspects that a backyard paver will not be able to offer.

Also, there is much to take into consideration before arriving at a final decision. These factors include:
• The topography of the area to determine the run-off of water
• Safety issues such as slippery paving and sharp edges
• Paving lifespan affected by issues such as extreme changes in the weather temperatures
• The visual water level of the pool
• Split levels.
• The effect on the paving caused by salt chlorination
paving patterns to suit your home style

Paving options

1. Concrete pavers are affordable and versatile. This type of paving is available in a range of different designs and colours. Choose lighter shades that do not absorb the heat as intensely as dark colours.

2. Clay pavers are organic in appearance. This paving is available in a variety of colours, textures and incorporates modern design concepts. Clay paving is resistant to acid, and will not fade, peel or rot. They are also slip-free and offer many years of service.
3. Travertine pavers may be more expensive, but the end result is well worth the financial investment. Made from natural stone, Travertine paving is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is durable and pleasant to the touch of bare feet because it is heat-resistant.

4. Natural Stone pavers offer Boksburg homeowners many years of use. Although top-of-the-range in terms of cost, Natural Stone paving is heat-resistant and can withstand the toughest of weather conditions. This paving is available in limestone, sandstone and slate.

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